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Selecting your PHP IDE


We have good IDEs for Java, C# and many other strictly typed languages. For some reason (this reason probably being code analysis and debugging process), IDEs for weakly typed languages are not so popular.   I know many developers...

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Imagine situation where you have a webstie and a corresponding app. Sometimes you would like to provide a link from your website to specific section of your app. Using custom url scheme and deeplinking you will be able to achieve that. Only...

Comments /JS-classes/AppDetector

Control Smart TV from browser


JSTVRemote - Control Smart TV from browser On one project that I'm working on called MyM, there was a need to manipulate API of different TVs, so I decided to match them under one interface and create a library that would allow me to control and...

Comments /JS-classes/Control-Smart-TV-from-browser

Create avatar from user initials


Initial Avatar creates avatars for users from user initials. It creates a hash from the user's name and generates a background color based on it. Then it gets a complimentary color for the text, and calculates text size and position based on the...

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WebGL Game Development


  For some time I’ve been involved in a Project, great part of which consists of OpenGL rendering engine. And although my part of the job was completely unrelated to it, on occasions I needed to dive into that code and try to...

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Ajax Security: What You Need to Know


AJAX: Ajax or ‘Asynchronous JavaScript and XML’ is a relatively new and dynamic technology on the web, which works in asynchronous way to interact with the server. In a traditional web approach for making a new request the browser...

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Get any web development ebook only for 5$


Super promotion from Packt. 5$ ebook bonanza, get any e-book published by Packt, including yours trully, for only 5$. The promotion is valid until January 3rd 2014, so hurry up, don't lose the chance to learn something new this...

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Since Opera moved to Chrome engine, lot's of Opera features have been dropped, because they are not implemented in Chrome engine. Some of them will be implemented later on, but some of them has been dropped for ever. One of this features,...

Comments /JS-classes/WebNotes

Using Grep to Find Vulnerabilities in PHP


Guest Post By: Ryan Dewhurst from Introduction It’s a common misconception that companies need to purchase complicated and expensive software to find security vulnerabilities (bugs) within their...

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Hack terminals in Fallout 3


Code Breaker class helps you to hack terminals in Fallout 3, by suggesting which words better to choose. Basically in Fallout 3 game, when hacking terminals, you need to guess the correct password. There are set of words given, and by selecting...

Comments /JS-classes/Hack-terminals-in-Fallout-3

Import comments in Disqus


Disqus Import class generates generic xml to import comments from any system into your Disqus forum. Disqus is the best commenting platfom you will ever get. Seriously, the service it provides is awesome and I used it alot and always recommend...

Comments /PHP-classes/Import-comments-in-Disqus

Harlem shake HTML elements


HarlemShake class brings popular meme to your website. It allows you to shake HTML elements using CSS keyframe animations in Harlem Shake style, providing up to 9 different shake styles Package contains harlemshake.js, harlemshake.packed.js...

Comments /JS-classes/Harlem-shake-HTML-elements

Detect mobile device or browser and act accordingly


MobileDetect class detects if current visitors uses a mobile device to access the page. Additionally it tries to detect device/browser type and helps you act accordingly. Package contains MobileDetect.js and MobileDetect.packed.js (packed...

Comments /JS-classes/Detect-mobile-device-or-browser-and-act-accordingly

Apply anaglyph 3D filter using Javascript


Anaglyph3D class creates a stereoscopic 3D effect for images or texts by means of encoding each eye's image using filters of different colors . It is possible to specify color filters for each eye to use, thus adapting image or text for all...

Comments /Javascript/Apply-anaglyph-3D-filter-using-Javascript

Animated page transitions


Page transition class provides a way to define animated transitions between switching webpages. Definition of transition consists of defining 3 types of parameter values: for default page, for transitions start before going to other link and for...

Comments /JS-classes/Animated-page-transitions

Manipulate layers to create X ray effect


xLayers class provides a way to manipulate multiple layers one on another to create interesting effects as x-rays, peeling, etc. It also provides a mouse interaction for resizing/moving layers with available restrictions to which layers can be...

Comments /JS-classes/Manipulate-layers-to-create-X-ray-effect

Javascript Spotlight visual cue


Spotlight class provides a way to create a spotlight like visual cue to concentrate visitors attention to specific webpage elements or actions Package contains spotlight.js, spotlight.packed.js (packed javascript), and three example files:...

Comments /JS-classes/Javascript-Spotlight-visual-cue

Drawing on websites


White board class provides a way to draw on website. It is possible to set width and color of drawing line. Main reason for this package is to save some notes on different pages of website, or share drawings with others using import/export...

Comments /JS-classes/Drawing-on-websites

Apply physics to HTML elements


Gravity is a box2dweb wrapper for HTML elements. It provides a way to apply physics to HTML elements, define gravity, handle collisions, apply different parameters as friction, restitution, density and even drag physical HTML element...

Comments /JS-classes/Apply-physics-to-HTML-elements

Automatically add CSS vendor prefixes


CSSfix class an automatically apply vendor prefixes to specified CSS rules. It also applies other fixes, for different CSS browser specifics.ContentsDownloadExample codesExamples in actionMethod listAwardsLatest changesSupportDownloadBack to...

Comments /PHP-classes/Automatically-add-CSS-vendor-prefixes

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